Get a glimpse of Samsung’s A Series at the Recent Unpacked Event

On Wednesday, the company rolls out the unpacked promotion of its another midrange cell phone.

Unlike the past exhibitions of high-end gadgets like Galaxy S, Note, and Z; this time Samsung is going to roll out the would-be $110 Samsung A series on its next product event, hopefully, this Wednesday.

7 a.m. PT Wednesday would be the prime time to discuss what’s awesome hidden in A. The previous rollouts of exorbitant versions might have taken the onlookers by storm via pizzazz but in essence, it is Galaxy A that surpassed the peers by a wide margin through three times more international shipping. Price is a deciding factor, indeed.

Korean tech-giant Samsung started its Android journey back in 2010 by rolling out the Galaxy S devices, following Galaxy Note jumbo version, and Galaxy Fold foldable.

Galaxy A lineup is comparatively economical and has been catering to the low-budgeted segment for years before finally hitting the USA’s shores in 2020.

Quoting Analyst Ken Hyers, “Samsung A series is for those who do not have enough money to buy a premium phone.”

Although Galaxy A lineup includes 4G, 5G LTE, still it could not catch the flash of the high-end series. The optimistic point of A is its broad customer base, ballooning day by day.

Amazingly, the USA, which is considered a high-income terrain rather than any other corner of the world, opted more for A than S during the pandemic.

This cautious buying spree, which spurs the Americans to go for an economical option whenever the bells of mobile-update rings, has made Samsung cut down the standard $1000 tag to as low as $200 (S Series). Now, according to Hyers, a cell phone can only be sold at a reasonable price.”

The new Samsung’s A Series

The anticipated variants for this year are Galaxy A52 andA72, taking charge from the withering A51 and A71. In essence, these would be the improved versions of the past folks.

A52 is supposed to boast an improved processor-cum-RAM and 6.5-inch AMOLED display. While, A72 would be laden with a five-back-lense sophisticated camera – a first of its kind in Samsung for optimized optical shots.

A lead tech analyst, Mark Bachman has forecasted a record sell than any of its predecessors. He further explains that the launch of anticipated A52 and A72 would perform according to the price tag announcement by Samsung, the price is yet to be unrevealed.

Hitting nail on the head

Samsung admits that the following budgeted trend is inspired by the global circumstances. After the Galaxy S20 fiasco and some other botched attempts to make customers cough up a sum of $1000, the company is convinced enough to target the mid-range segment, at least till the pandemic fades away.

Samsung America’s VP guesses that this sagacious approach is going to last long.

As Galaxy A devices are economical and affordable with more or less the same high-end features such as sophisticated cameras; it’s better to endure the Unpacked fanfare and let your bank not break.

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