iSpring Suite: Popular myths about the Authoring Tools

iSpring Suite an authority tool

Elearning Authoring tools are the backbone behind the content creation system in this modern world.

Until a few years back, creating an online course was challenging. Programmers and pricey elearning software were the must-have essentials to build one.

However, with iSpring Suite, you don’t require any complicated stuff. In contrast, there are few misconceptions about these tools which you need to know. 

Cloud-based tools are the worst idea

There is a common debate on which one is the best: A self-hosted LMS or a Cloud-based one? 

Most people choose the self-hosted one, considering its complete control to the host.

However, running your servers might be a significant risk in technicality, accidents, and security.

For example, If someone stole your software, then all your data will be impossible to recover. Think about the hard work you would’ve put into your online course.

In this case, a cloud-based LMS like iSpring Suite 

  1. Safeguards your data
  2. Functions at 10X speed
  3. Provides intuitive tracking
  4. Gives real-time updates

Not at all Interactive

Interaction is misconceived in LMS. The term “interactive” learning is mistaken with gamification and artificial intelligence. 

Firstly, interactive courses are not expensive. Even your text-based content is a form of interactive online training. 

Secondly, exciting features like virtual reality and simulations are part of the most rapid built-in authoring tools. 

The key is to look for user-engaging authoring features that simplify the complex medium. These interactions could resonate with your target audience and help them to absorb the content keenly.

For example, iSpring Suite offers over 68000 templates of characters, icons, and other elements to create relevant content according to the training topic. 

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The Content Creation is a Copy Paste Job

The word “Template” might resemble lesser functionality. Many assume it’s a preset design to paste the content from somewhere else. 

In a real sense, an elearning authoring tool offers much more than that. Starting from the content scope to getting the audience’s pulse, there goes so much work behind every online course. 

Templates are guiding pieces to frame the texts, audios, and videos. It’s up to you to customize it by trying and testing hundreds of combinations. 

It would help if you had instructional design expertise and an elearning sense to get the best out of it. 

It is enough to create content once, and then Rests

No single online course has ever succeeded in the first attempt. Everything is trial and error, and it happens. What you might think ideal for your audience might not work. 

The success rate is 50-50. Therefore, don’t just lay back after you’ve completed your online course creation.

How to optimize elearning content?

  1. Do beta testing. 
  2. Work with a specific group of learners
  3. Get their opinions and feedbacks
  4. Tweak the content

Similar to learning, content creation is also a journey. Optimization is the key to creating user-friendly elearning content. 

Trusting on experienced LMS like iSpring Suite would minimize your hassle to create the best content. It has many proven templates for the kind of training you require. 

Too little choice to select from

Most creatives don’t like to be in the box. Presets and templates sound boring to them. You might think every course will look like someone else’s as they use the same templates.

Not true. Like mentioned before, templates don’t work like a copy and paste option is authoring tools.

Mixing hundreds of templates will give you numerous variations. This combination shows your creativity, which will be unique from other course creators for sure.

The Bottomline

Keep these things in your mind and go for the rapid elearning authoring tools like iSpring Suite to create content better. 

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