Make Your PDF File Editable in 6 Different Ways

PDFs are vital in the business sector since most companies have now shifted into the digital world. Paperless documents for record-keeping are now being opted for. Hence, a free PDF to Word converter is a great help for everyone. It will allow people to edit the documents that are in PDF format when revision is required. This is more convenient rather than creating a new Word file that you can edit. However, not all types of PDFs can be handled by every type of converter. 

This article will show you which method you should opt for conversion based on your document.

What are the different types of PDFs?

You can categorize your files into three different types depending on how the file was created. The first type is the Digitally Created PDFs that have been created using software applications. Next are the scanned PDFs, these documents contain scanned images of pages without an underlying text layer. Lastly, Searchable PDFs are the products of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), wherein the characters and the document structure are analyzed and “read.” This article will show you 7 different ways on how you can successfully convert your PDF file.

1. Free Online PDF converters

One of the most practiced methods of converting PDF files is by using free PDF to Word converter. For the reason that there are various online converters for free wherein you don’t have to install or subscribe to it.

These converters will only require you to insert the file from your drive or dropbox, then within seconds, you will now be able to download your converted file. One of the top-rated PDF converters is the PDF bear. Its technology has been proved to be topline and so the quality of the output is high!

2. Microsoft Word software

If you already have installed Microsoft Word software on your computer, this is the most convenient way to convert your PDF files. Microsoft Word has a built-in feature called “PDF reflow” where it allows you to convert a PDF file into a document. You have to open your PDF file and save it as a word document. Now you can navigate the file where you saved your PDF document. This can be done with the newest version of Microsoft Office 2013.

3. Google Docs converter

Google Docs is an online word processor tool that allows users to have real-time collaboration. While multiple users are editing simultaneously, the changes done are saved right away and can be seen by everyone.

This tool also provides a PDF converter. You have to upload your PDF file on Google Docs then download it as a word document. It also allows you to convert scanned PDF, however, only text elements will be converted and leaves the images behind. 

4. Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is an essential PDF viewing tool that can convert virtually any document to PDF format while preserving the look and content of the original. This software gives you the freedom to edit text and images in PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat converts even the most complicated scans into a Word document because of its Optical Character Recognition feature. No need to adjust the content when converted.

5. PDF converter software on your desktop

A desktop PDF converter works best when you don’t have a stable internet connection. This is a great option because it can also do an offline conversion. It also offers more advanced features that you can use for editing your PDF file than the converters available online. 

Some of its key features are: add password and permission protection, redaction, digital signatures, bookmarks, headers, footers, watermarks, hyperlinks, and Bates numbering to keep your documents safe and organized.

6. PDF conversion applications for smartphones.

Managing documents is not restrained with desktop users only. Laptops will not only be your partner in doing the office-work but also your smartphone. Since most people own a smartphone, these conversion tools will be of great convenience for them.

These applications work similarly with the online conversion tools online. You can convert your files from your file manager, google drive, or dropbox then a few seconds after the converted file is ready to be exported. CamScanner is one of the mobile applications. It also allows you to process files with PDF signature, PDF password and compress the file. 

Paid PDF online conversion tools

Some applications online will require you to upgrade to premium to enjoy the key additional features that you can use for editing your PDF file. 

These tools will charge you monthly for the subscription fee. You can try out first their services by selecting the free trial for several days, then will soon enough charge if you have not canceled. 

Soda PDF is one of the powerful PDF converters. It can do more than just the conversion. Soda PDF license gives you the freedom to convert even during the offline desktop app.


PDF formats are known to be reliable when it comes to preserving the layout of the document and its content. However, PDF formatted files are not editable when you wish to have revisions. Luckily, there are several ways on how you will be able to re-edit them while saving your time from re-typing, copying, pasting, and reformatting. These will save you time and effort from recreating your document from scratch.

PDF converters take the editing of documents to the next level. They allow you to instantly convert PDF files into a different format compatible with popular business software. One of its key features that I find very useful is optical character recognition, wherein you can scan your file and convert it into editable text. Nowadays, adapting to technology is essential to increase your efficiency in doing office or schoolwork. It is one of the technology’s advantages that we can make the most out of. 

What method do you think will work out the best for you? It is for you to find out! I hope this article helps you with your PDF converting process!

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