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Why Dubai – Perspectives Of The Real Estate Market In Dubai In 2023

Against the backdrop of an unstable economic situation and fluctuations in the stock market, interest in investing in real estate in the world has increased many times over – the asset is the most reliable option in a period of turbulence. In terms of the number of real estate purchase and sale transactions, the leading position is occupied by the UAE. What are the advantages of investments in apartments in Dubai, and what awaits the market, we will consider in our article.

Perspectives Of The Real Estate Market In Dubai

Property in Dubai

The city is far ahead in terms of the real estate market in many ways – both for investment and for living. Here are some of the benefits:

  • An important point is that investments in property in Dubai pay off in a record short time, no more than 13 years.
  • The emirate has a system that has no analogs in the world in terms of comfort for investors. At the start, the buyer can pay no more than 20% of the price of the property, and after 3-5 years, pay the rest. In simple words, take advantage of interest-free installments. It is often resorted to in the elite real estate market, not seeing the point in immediately paying a large amount.

An important nuance – in this way you can make investments in apartments in Dubai. Sellers in the secondary market are not ready to wait several years.

  • If ready-made housing is purchased, the owner can immediately rent it out and close the payments from the funds received. In this case, the income will be enough for travel and life in any country in the world. However, it may not reach the last – Dubai and the UAE as a whole are at the top in terms of living standards. For example, security has already become a hallmark of Dubai. Here you don’t need to lock the doors or the car.

Increased investor interest For real estate in Dubai

Off-plan properties, that is, those under construction, find a buyer very quickly, information about them is distributed through closed channels before the official start of sales. Therefore, it is important to have access to a developer or cooperate with an experienced company.

Also, real estate in freehold zones – areas of Dubai, where non-residents of the UAE can purchase real estate with the right to dispose of it at their discretion: transfer by inheritance, sell, and lease.

Rapid market growth

Here the process catalyses the comprehensive development of all spheres. 400 universities have already been opened in Dubai, the sphere of medicine and education is developing. The authorities are constantly introducing initiatives that stimulate the influx of specialists and investors.

For example, at the end of this year, a new residence permit will appear in the UAE – for freelancers. A flexible work permit will be introduced, available to specialists of any qualification. The initiative will undoubtedly stimulate a further influx of residents to the UAE.

Together with other drivers, this allows us to say that the “bubble” is excluded, the market will continue to develop. But it is more profitable to enter it now – literally in 3-5 years the prices will become very high.

In early 2023, the Dubai real estate market showed growth on the back of strong consumer demand, which in the first two months saw total sales reach a record level, supporting the increase in the average cost of residential real estate. Also, a number of factors contribute to the further growth of the Dubai real estate market, including government measures to attract foreign investment.

According to experts, further growth of the Dubai real estate market will continue in 2023, which will increase the demand for intellectual services of technology companies gaining momentum and driving the growth of the real estate market across the UAE due to a strong start-up ecosystem and support from the government of the country. According to the data, over the past 5 years, technology companies have attracted investments worth more than AED 367 million, or $100 million.

Real estate agency in Dubai

Dubai-Property.Investments agency will assist you on all of the stages of the deal. The specialists will help you find a property that will meet all of your requirements, both budget and personal preferences, and then guide you through the process of collecting the documents, sealing the deal, and arranging ownership. Go to their website and have a look at the latest and hottest deals on the market, because there is surely something for everyone.

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