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Physical Fitness In The Workplace: Are Office Gyms Worth It?

Are the benefits of physical fitness in the workplace worth the investment? Here are the benefits of exercise in the workplace.

There is a close connection between mental and physical health. What’s good for the body is usually also good for the mind. This is why keeping a healthy mind and body requires daily exercise. Did you know that providing your employees with a bit of exercise can significantly impact the health and culture of your organization?

This is especially the case if they spend most of their work hours sitting at a desk. Your employees may fall into the majority of people who need more time, energy, and resources to participate in regular physical activity. Here’s why you should consider physical fitness in the workplace and how to go about it.

Benefits of exercise in the workplace

Absenteeism will be reduced

Having a corporate office gym means your employees and staff will be exposed to a healthy and fit lifestyle. This is a huge benefit, as it means they will be less likely to face health risks such as sickness and injury. This also means you can cut healthcare costs.

Stress levels will be reduced

Many employees experience stress from work; including physical fitness in the workplace can help employees relieve job stress. Physical activity is known to affect the brain immediately. Your body becomes more efficient at using oxygen, your blood flow increases, and the production of endorphins in the brain increases. Endorphins are the “feel-good” neurotransmitters that bring a feeling of well-being and happiness to athletes after they have exercised. Physical activity is also known to improve a person’s attitude and mood.  

Productivity will be increased

Physical fitness in the workplace promotes energy, motivation, and happiness at work. Employees who have more energy, higher brain function, and get more sleep to perform better at work. Researchers have found that happier people are 12% more productive than unhappy people.

Job satisfaction will be increased

A corporate office gym demonstrates an organization’s commitment to employees’ well-being. Employees will probably respect and appreciate their employers and jobs more when they are healthy, fit, less stressed, and performing well.

Team building

During group exercise sessions, gym members can socialize and discuss projects. Working in a team, according to fitness experts, makes an employee less likely to quit, more enthusiastic to train, and highly motivated to attain their goals.

Workplace gym guidelines

After seeing how important gyms are at work, here are a few guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your corporate office gym: 

1. Understand the different kinds of office gym equipment. There’s equipment for cardiovascular training, strength training, functional rigs and power racks, and compact fitness equipment.  

2. Determine your employees’ needs to ensure that they believe this gym facility is valuable and will use it. A survey is a good way to collect the overall feel of what employees want.

3. Once you’ve determined your staff’s needs and which machines you’ll need to purchase, it’s essential to learn about the best options for each equipment sector. If you are looking to buy office equipment and are unsure where to begin, check out the Costco Canada flyer for the next week. Costco usually has some great options at affordable prices.

4. It is important to arrange the gym according to the equipment. Ideally, weight training and cardio should be separated; there should be a locker room or changing area, and mirrored walls wherever possible.

5. Include some corporate fitness and wellness services such as gym inductions, training programs, health and nutrition guides, and group sessions.

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