Razer Kaira Pro wireless gaming headset hits Xbox, xCloud rides shotgun

Razer recently released a completely new line of wireless gaming headsets, namely Kaira and Kaira Pro. The new wireless gaming headsets are a perfect match for X box series X and Xbox series S. The headsets are console only and supports Bluetooth 5. Moreover, they have a dedicated mobile microphone. 

Both Kaira and Kaira Pro can connect with Windows10 installed PC using an Xbox wireless adapter, which is easily available in the markets. Moreover, the built-in Bluetooth 5 feature enables them to connect with personal computers, mobile phones, and other generations of the Xbox series, which supports Bluetooth features. If you are an Xbox videogame addict, then you should get the Kaira Pro version.

Kaira and Kairo Pro has a longer battery life than the ordinary headsets. Also, the Kaira Pro version comes with the RGB lighting feature in it.

Some prime features of Kaira and Kaira Pro are as below.

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Kaira Pro version is a bit heavier to carry than the simple Kaira version. The weight details of both these wireless gaming headsets are as below.

  • Kaira Pro: 0.80 lbs.
  • Kaira: 0.73 lbs.

Frequency Response

Both the gaming headsets are one of their kind, with a frequency response ranging from 20Hz to 20KHz.

Headphone Sensitivity

Razer Kaira Pro and Razer Kaira both have headphones sensitivity of 108 db.

Easy to Wear

The wireless gaming headsets are designed in such a way that they are super comfortable to wear. Gamers can wear these headphones for playing games for a long time.

Driver Size

The driver size of both the new wireless gaming headsets is 55 mm.

Driver Type

Razer TriForce Titanium driver is installed in both the gaming headsets. The titanium diaphragms in the drivers help add clarity to vocals.

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