Top Tools To Use For Application Packaging Teams

With a growing amount of software and systems used by businesses as well as their ever-increasing complexity, application packaging is one of the key factors in improving IT infrastructure administration while minimizing software failures. The tools used for it are just as important though, as there are many criteria to consider before choosing an application packaging service provider: it must be suited to your business needs, have all the necessary features and capabilities, guarantee transparency, offer a good level of support and much more… Don’t worry, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to – here are the top app packaging tools available.

PACE Suite

PACE Suite is an advanced end-to-end application packaging and virtualization tool that offers a wide range of features. According to their website, these include repackaging, MSIX, APPX, App-V, and AppX packaging, reporting, and documentation, process automation, validation, and testing as well as many other advanced control options. The service provider also offers a PACE Packager Hub tool that helps improve the workflow of the application packaging teams. While it is a paid tool (through a user-based licensing model), the solutions are tailored based on the needs of the business, and a support team is readily available.

Master Packager

Master Packager is a highly comprehensive tool that enables IT administrators to create and edit MSI (Microsoft Windows Installer) files and repackage others to an MSI format. There is a free (standard) version of the solution available, with a number of creation and editing features, however, the paid (professional) version offers a full set of tools, repackaging capabilities, and automation options too. Additionally, with the professional Master Packager license, customers are offered 1 year of free support to get help with any questions, fix issues, or deal with system updates. 


AdminStudio is another popular application packaging tool that can be used on Windows, Mac, and Mobile platforms. It offers a complete solution for the preparation and deployment of various application formats, including MSIX and App-V as well as a number of other features, such as creating, testing, reporting, converting, publishing, monitoring, and so on. The provider implements regular system updates and new releases with more capabilities in addition to a built-in research resource. There are three AdminStudio editions available: standard, professional, and enterprise. The capabilities and features of each vary together with the pricing. 


CreateInstall is one of the simpler application packaging tools with a highly intuitive and easy-to-use UI. Despite the simplicity and fewer advanced control options, CreateInstall is a highly versatile and powerful installer that allows IT, experts, to fully control the process of software creation and installation. The solution offers scalability and leaves room for additional customizable features that your business may require. The application packaging service provider also offers a CreateInstall Assistant feature that helps beginners with complex tasks, showing them how to perform certain tasks. There is a free trial available before committing to the light or full version of the CreateInstall tool. 

Final word

All in all, there are quite a few comprehensive application packaging tools available, each of which offers an extensive set of capabilities and features to improve your IT environment and help your teams work more efficiently. It’s important to consider the individual needs of your business, the specific functionality you require, the preferable level of ongoing support you want, and other relevant factors before choosing the best service provider for you. 

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