The Latest Trends in Web Development to Follow in 2022

Web development is moving fast towards new discoveries. Website technologies are constantly improved, which allows them to bring more and more innovative products to the market. Now, there are almost 2 billion websites and almost 5 billion daily active users in the world.

If you are involved in digital marketing, it’s crucial to foresee upcoming changes and adapt your business to them. This way, you will stand against the competitors and expand your customer base at the same time. To keep your website performance high, you should have a profound understanding of today’s market.

Adjusting your website to ongoing processes is the best way to remain relevant in your business sector. We decided to make things easier for you by discovering the latest web development trends in 2022. Now, we are ready to share this information with you.

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1. Progressive web applications

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Progressive web applications

A progressive web application (PWA) is one of the most impactful trends in web development. Being based on such technologies as HTML and JavaScript, it offers a high-quality user experience. It also has other features like push notifications and offline access to cached content. Many Atlanta web design firms have started providing PWA options to their customers.

More and more online purchases are made with mobile devices. Thanks to PWAs, users can now view their favorite websites like MasterBundles on a mobile or desktop browser without any download. In fact, PWAs are able to solve the issues of poor experience, slowness, and no offline access. The world-known corporations that have already built a PWA include:

  • Forbes
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Virgin America
  • The Washington Post

These companies have already received positive results from PWA strategy adoption. These include the increase in conversions and a decrease in load time.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) and bots

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and bots can learn, accumulate data, and solve a wide range of issues. By using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), this technology allows you to better understand users and provide them with a more delightful online experience. AI-based bots are known for their 24×7 problem-solving skills and behavior analytics capabilities. Companies can reduce their expenses by integrating AI-based bots. They will answer FAQs, connect users with the right assistant, resolve complaints, and even take an order.

The AI domain is viewed as one of the most influential technologies that determine the future of web development. The demand for AI-enabled communication will be more widespread in 2022.

Today, you can find more than several AI bots on the market. These include Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and some others. Their mission is to take human interactions to a totally new level.

3. Voice search

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More and more users communicate with audio instead of typing text. In fact, about 30% of all searches are done without using a screen. No wonder that the web uses audio and speech interpretation as one of the most promising technologies in 2022. Voice search optimization comes up with certain benefits:

  • Saving time and energy;
  • Allowing users to do online shopping;
  • Functioning as a source of customer behavior analytics.

Voice search optimization is known as the process of optimizing web content to pop up on the screen as a result of voice search. With the devices featuring voice recognition, the growing demand for this technology is pretty obvious. In the nearest future, self-standing devices will be able to remember the voices of different people and provide a personalized AI-based experience. By 2023, the number of AI-enabled devices with voice recognition features is about to reach 8 billion.

4. Serverless architecture

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Serverless architecture, also known as serverless computing, is a software development mechanism where apps are maintained by a third party. This technology aims to maintain your server software, so you can avoid system overload, data loss, and additional costs.

Serverless architecture is widely supported by major vendors like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Web Services. Being able to replace regular servers with cloud, the technology manages to keep machine resource consumption under control. For example, serverless architecture is good at keeping the internet more sustainable. The technology will soon be used for IoT apps and products that require complex backend requests.

According to the State of the cloud report published by Flexera, 98% of companies are dependent on at least one public or private cloud. Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that cloud architecture is the web development trend with the biggest prospects.

5. Motion UI

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Motion UI is a powerful front-end library for the integration of customizable graphical UI details (modular scrolling, background visuals, graphical charts, etc). According to the Salesforce Report, 84% take website design seriously. Visually attractive content is not just about fancy pictures. It is also about intuitive and responsive interfaces. For an average visitor, 15 seconds should be enough to fall in love with your website. If it’s not the case, you might be doing something wrong.

The best thing about Motion UI is its ability to make digital products usage more intuitive and transparent. The approach is based on the use of custom animation and CSS transitions supported by stand-alone libraries with multiple categories of animated elements. They help developers save some time on digital product building and reduce the costs of product owners.

Motion UI can be successful via extensive research only. When you use it properly in your website’s design, you will definitely enhance page conversion rate easily.

Web development is constantly changing to address the needs and expectations of online users. The most recent trends are to be known by private and corporate clients to ensure their website is consistently attracting new visitors. Embracing the recent trends can help you achieve a competitive edge, and grow your business.

Many trends in 2022 will focus on the optimization of user engagement on desktop and mobile devices. So, your mission is to adjust your website to new technologies. If you do everything well, you will easily take over the entire market.

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