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Websites in Java: Pros and Cons

The word Java is familiar to everyone, even those who are not fond of high technology. Indeed, Java is considered one of the first programming languages to be used in 1995. Having quickly become popular, for 25 years the platform has not lost its leading position, second only to Python and Go.

If you are considering cooperation with a Java web development company, then this article is for you. We will consider the features of this programming language, and what advantages it gives to the owners of resources written in it.

Websites in Java

Features of The Java Programming Language

Java is object-oriented and strongly typed. It is a universal software platform that allows developers to create various solutions for smartphones, desktops, etc. It is used for government sites, scientific projects, Apache Storm, and Hadoop technologies. Android applications also run on Java. In addition, A Java web development company writes computer games, desktop software, and large-scale business projects.

Despite the development of computing technologies and the emergence of worthy competitors, programming in Java continues. Such demand is due to the fact that the platform was created even before the mass appearance of smartphones. This language was used to program the first mobile devices and run the first applications in the 2000s.

Java was developed by programmers at Sun Microsystems who were trying to come up with an improved version of C++. 

It was supposed to be a platform-independent system, with automatic memory management, which would be convenient for beginners to work with. As a result, a completely updated programming language was created, called Java.

The creators have achieved their goal: the platform is used always and everywhere. Programmers who create software and websites in Java get useful tools:

  1. The JDK includes a classic notepad that allows you to take notes, and run and compile codes.
  2. JRE is a software distribution system with a standalone Java machine, a classic library, and configuration services.
  3. An integrated IDE for running, editing, and collecting program codes with transfer to modules.

Pros and Cons of Java Programming

Every programming language has features that make developers excited and features that developers would like to see improved. Taking into account all the pros and cons, developers choose one or another language for product development. Java is not the only tool for working with Android, but it remains quite popular due to its advantages.

The Java programming language is popular due to several important advantages:

  • Java is a high-level language, so it’s easy to read as well as write and maintain. The syntax is similar to C++ but much simpler, so Java is great for those who are just learning and set to achieve quick results.
  • Java programming complies with the standards required for corporate computing systems. Thanks to the many libraries, developers can implement a wide range of functionality that an organization needs.
  • Java provides developers with the ability to define data types, their structural features, and the functionality that applies to them. Control over data structures allows developers to create relationships between objects. The object-oriented platform also allows objects to be reused in other products, keeps data private to prevent errors, and makes it easy to update outdated codes.
  • Access to the Security Manager allows Java developers to control access to databases, which prevents a number of vulnerabilities.
  • Platform independence allows developers to create code that can be reused on a different platform. Cross-platform Java allows you to compile bytecodes to run your application on any other platform that works with JWM.
  • Java supports distributed programming, which allows you to comfortably work remotely on multiple computers to increase the productivity and work efficiency of your employees.
  • The automatic memory management function helps the processor to work efficiently, the performance of which is not affected by memory cleaning software.
  • Multithreading support is another advantage of Java. Running threads at the same time involves using the same memory zones. Developers can switch between threads as they are independent of each other. This is an important factor for working with animation applications.

With many advantages, the Java programming language has some disadvantages:

  • Slow speed and performance when compared to C and C++, caused by compilation and virtual machine abstraction. Other speed-slowing issues include memory cleaning software that takes up more than 20% of the processor’s performance and negatively affects overall performance. Incorrect caching settings often lead to memory overload. Thread deadlocks also cause out-of-memory errors. But all these failures can be solved with proper planning.
  • Commercial use fee. Organizations using Java Standard Edition 8 must pay a fee when receiving updates and bug fixes from 2019.
  • No native design was provided. To develop software with native design, the Android Studio tool is provided for Android.

Websites Developed With Java

We can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sites in Java for a very long time, but according to statistics on the use of frameworks and languages on the server side, the platform is in the top five.

More often, portals of large corporations and highly loaded sites are created on the platform. You may not even suspect that popular platforms are created in Java. Java is chosen due to its high reliability, stability, rigid standards, and specifications. Below are the most famous Java sites:

  1. One of the world’s most popular online stores, Amazon is the best example.
  2. The server of the famous Ebay online auction is the second good example of sites in Java.
  3. Another confirmation of the seriousness of the platform is the website of the Pentagon.
  4. The PayPal payment system is built on Java.
  5. The website of the popular online store Media Markt is developed on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Java has been one of the most used platforms for many years and will definitely not lose its position in the near future. It is used by more than 9 million people on 3 billion devices.

If you intend to develop a product using Java, contact Digiteum professionals. This is a Java web development company with extensive experience in developing solutions for various devices and industries.

David is a technology specialist who has been writing about business, technology, and IT-related topics for the past 6 years. He loves working with brands to develop content that helps them connect with their target audience.