Whatsapp Working On The Exports Of Chat Backup And Status Updates

Whatsapp is the most used application around the world. Everyone finds it easy to communicate through WhatsApp. Hence it has earned its popularity.

In the coming days, Whatsapp plans to add more features to the application. One of the prominent features Whatsapp plans to add is to let users export chat backups from google drive.

Whatsapp is working on this update and will soon provide users with this facility. This feature will let the WhatsApp users export chats from google drive to their mobile phones or any other offline storage. This feature will enhance the working experience of WhatsApp users.

Users can backup chats more easily. They will have a chance to back up their WhatsApp chats in a third-party place.

WABetaInfo recently released a screenshot of the WhatsApp platform with the “Export Backup” option. The option is available in the chat backup settings of the Whatsapp application. Users can change the location of their chat backups with only a few clicks. The backup feature will back up chats, photos, videos, and audio messages.

Moreover, Whatsapp is also adding a feature of a status update. Like Instagram, Whatsapp users will be able to see the status update of their contacts directly from their chat list.

Also, at the start of this year, WaBetaInfo reported that Whatsapp backup on google drive will get only a limited storage allocation. In this scenario, Whatsapp users will get a chance to secure their chat backups in some other place if their google drive storage gets full. Users can also upload their chat backups back on google drive whenever they desire to.

Whatsapp is trying to make these new features available for businesses. Business users can use these features on desktop, android, and iOS versions.

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