Five Digital Marketing Companies In The World

When it comes down to digital marketing, it must be understood that it entails the utilization of digital channels in promoting or even marketing both services and products to targeted businesses and consumers.

It cannot be overemphasized that Digital marketing has currently changed how businesses strategize their marketing goals and achieve their aim. 

As a result of the digital revolution and access to the Internet, most companies have re-strategized their marketing game in the digital world. And, those doing these with utmost power and efficiency are among the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world.

If you need your company to be successful then the best way to go about it currently is through things like social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and even search engine optimization. 

In a bid to offer customers their full potential, the top digital marketing companies pay extra attention to certain needs of clients. And, this strategy had helped them in going viral and turn into Internet sensations. 

In other news, it is these digital marketing strategies that help in widening the reach of companies and boosting their sales to loyal customers. 

When it comes down to digital marketing, it must be understood that it entails the utilization of digital channels in promoting or even marketing both services and products to targeted businesses and consumers. 

If there is one thing to note about the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world, it is that they engage in digital marketing in a result-driven manner. 

These companies choose to create authentic customer value so that the marketing they carry out does not end up feeling like marketing. One of such companies is Softnmart which has managed to create customer value in our virtual era. 

Five Digital Marketing Companies 

Are you interested in patronizing one of the Best digital marketing companies in the world? If yes, without much ado, the top digital marketing companies you should know are:


The first thing you should know about is that it is the ideal digital marketing you need if you want a DIY digital marketing service. 

In other news, this is a full-service website and among the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world that are committed to assisting clients in getting all, they need out of its site. 

Beginning from their DIY options down to the completely customized marketing plans, this company has alternatives available no matter your desires and budget. This means that is capable of taking complete control over much or little of your online marketing plans. 

For those interested in their Do-It-Yourself services, it entails easy SEO tools and some business directories that will help you to get noticed in no time. They offer services such as:

  • PPC 
  • SEO
  • Directory services
  • Business listing and much more. 

And, if you need any assistance whatsoever, be rest assured that that team of professionals will see to it that you are well catered to all through your digital marketing journey. 

Understand that, digital marketing needs and plans vary from one company to the next. For this reason, the professionals you will find in this company go further to build marketing plans that are tailored to what you need, and of course, your money’s worth. 

They completely have an understanding of the business you run and will create a highly effective strategy that will enable you to attain your goals. While they take this approach, a digital marketing company like Softnmart targets your audiences using social media platforms. 

In simpler terms, is one of the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world that will assist in boosting your search engine rankings. 

Note that, assisting in giving you some gain authority, and building some trust will heighten traffic to your site, however, Softnmart has a team that will practically push and spread your product’s name across the virtual space. 

This traffic will help in boosting conversions that will assist you in raking some more cash. 

Plus, differing from some other virtual marketing services out there, this company is regarded as a one-stop-shop for most of the backend tech making digital marketing a possible plan. 

With, you can get set up with heavily secure websites, domains, emails and not to forget, hosting. Irrespective of whether you are a small business or a big organization, this digital marketing company is here to assist you in reaching your goals. 

2. Lyfe Marketing

Do you need the best social media management services? If yes, then we introduce to you one of the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world known simply as Lyfe Marketing. 

They have successfully made this list because the company specializes in both social media management and social media marketing services. If you need the names of brands that patronize Lyfe Marketing then we have got you covered. 

Highly prominent brands that trust the social media management services provided by Lyfe Marketing range from Domino’s Pizza, and Crunch Fitness, down to Hilton. 

Since its establishment, they have successfully produced more than nine hundred and eighty-three thousand leads for customers via digital marketing. And, their major area of focus has been social media. 

They have a reputation you can trust as their recommendations and reviews all over third-party review sites are exceptional. Some services have been offered here include:

  • Custom advertising strategies
  • Social media management services
  • Dedicated account managers

And, if you are new to social media marketing, Lyfe Marketing can put you through whatever platform you need. This entails:

  • Twitter marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Instagram marketing, and of course;
  • Facebook marketing

Lyfe Marketing works by having their professionals assist you in coming up with a custom advertising plan. To get this done, you will be spending as little or as much as you desire on social media advertising. The recommended amount is a minimum of three hundred dollars monthly. 

However, the average amount for their social media management services ranges from four hundred dollars to one thousand dollars monthly. However, this payment is dependent on the number of channels they get to manage for you and the posts you desire. 

When you get signed up with them, they do not charge any additional fee for the advertising budget. Nonetheless, they have a hundred and fifty dollars fees linked with their social media advertising services. 

Note that, this particular fee covers all things beginning from creating and setting up the social media pages, advertising accounts, and even the analytics software. 

Best believe that with Lyfe Marketing among the top digital marketing companies around the globe, you do not have to do anything on your own. Do you know what will be beneficial to you here? 

Well, there will be an account manager dedicated to you that will carry out analytics round the clock, 24/7, a custom advertising creation plus the contract is not long term. 

3. Ignite Visibility 

With more than nine years of experience and over one hundred and sixty clients happy with what they have to offer, Ignite Visibility is among the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world and is well known for its unique marketing services. 

As an outstanding digital marketing agency, Ignite Visibility offers professional services in email marketing, paid media, SEO and so much more. In the US, Ignite Visibility is ranked as the number one SEM company. 

According to this digital marketing company, they bring certainty to the world of digital marketing. 

And, they get this done by setting industry goals, having strategies, benchmarking, taking on certain service methodologies, engaging in project plans, and having transparent quarterly business reviews. 

Furthermore, Ignite Visibility has been capable of setting itself apart from all other digital marketing companies as it offers: 

  • A unified cross channel marketing plan that is driven by creativity 
  • Quarterly and monthly business strategy and plans that showcase all that has been done, results gotten, and how new goals can be attained
  • A thoughtful leadership, professionalism, and industry study that is delivered monthly, weekly, and quarterly to keep the brand on the edge. 
  • A software that is proprietary driven and forecasting based on sources that have been crafted on business data and highly competitive analysis
  • A clear budget and dashboards that are linked to the definite goals of the business
  • A powerful focus on crafting relationships, scaling the things that work, carrying out tests, and discovering solutions. 
  • Actual communication and project management systems along with intense integration between the business verticals

For those who need one of the top five digital marketing companies that have an understanding of the whole picture, then you may think of choosing Ignite Visibility. 

However, if you need an agency that offers SEO, SEM plus Google analytics, then Softnmart is all you need. 

4. Softnmart Limited

Are you still on the search for the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world? Are the other big names mentioned above not cutting it for you? Well, we know what works and this is none other than Bangladesh’s own digital marketing company known as Softnmart Limited. Softnmart Limited has a professional team of members that have successfully made their mark in the world of digital marketing. This company places high value on the feedback gotten from clients. 

This is why they place special proximity on keeping their clients up to date about their virtual marketing campaign and digital progress. 

This is a company that places focuses on creating a strong brand identity and markets itself all over different social media platforms. They can do this by making use of intriguing content writing and optimized advertising campaigns. 

Some of the services they offer that you will be more than interested in are:

  • Google analytics
  • Social platform marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Brand building, and even;
  • Video production

The marketing strategies that are used here are targeted at virtual marketing and they are done based on marketing experience and research. All Softnmart does is research the brand of your competitors as well as the market. 

Then, they create a highly effective virtual plan that will place you at the top of all competitors you will encounter. All of these will not be done by you but by an assigned project manager. 

Immediately the project manager finishes with the market research, the writing and content creation team will step in to move the job further. There is no better way to stay on top in the world of digital marketing than with expert writing tools like Surfer and Ahrefs. 

If you have no idea how to use these, you have nothing to worry about. Leave the job to the content writing team to create captivating stories that can get the audience’s attention. 

For your content to land on the first page of Search engines, the content team carries out a comprehensive on and off-page search engine optimization to ensure your content is highly ranked. 

Then, the content will get advertised on social media platforms via illustrations and even infographics. The reason for this is so that your content gets to all demographics. As one of the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world, they are capable of honing and tailoring the digital strategies for your targeted markets. 

Softnmart Limited stands out from all other top digital marketing companies on this list because aside from offering consumers the needed virtual tools to reach a wider audience, consumers will be offered consultation to create brand awareness. 

More so, the SEO services are highly affordable and consumers get to have a free SEO audit from the site. Softnmart Limited aims to boost your business in ways you never knew could be possible through digital marketing. 

Are you aware that Softnmart Limited has a mobile app? Well, if you need applications on both iOS and Android, then Softnmart is your best bet. 

5. Pearl Lemon

With more than twenty years of search engine optimization experience, Pearl Lemon has made it to the list of digital marketing companies you can trust. As a UK-based agency, they claim to be capable of doubling your organic traffic within ninety days. 

This digital marketing company is known to provide platform-specific SEO for e-commerce sites such as Amazon SEO, Etsy SEO, Walmart SEO, and lots more. 

Pearl Lemon also offers intriguing SEO services that are specific to CMS platforms like Joomla, Weebly, Moonfruit, and of course, WordPress. They engage in link building, On-page SEO, Podcast SEO, and even YouTube SEO. In other news, Pearl Lemon provides any type of SEO service that you need. Moreover, they mostly work with e-commerce websites and midmarket organizations. So if you have a site that needs SEO help, you can try Pearl Lemon or fall back to Softnmart for a free search engine optimization audit. 


In all, we have provided you with some of the top 5 digital marketing companies in the world. While these companies are all amazing at what they do, our personal favourite is Softnmart Limited as they provide unique services plus a mobile app.

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