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How to Edit Videos For YouTube

When it comes to YouTube video production, editing considerably takes up the most chunk and is the most essential aspect of post-production. If the footage and photos are not seamlessly weaved together to form a smooth output, the video may seem lacking. This may, in turn, discourage or disengage the audience. 

To prevent this, editors may need to filter the footage, split video online, be strategic about their direction, and make sure that the video runs seamlessly in order to attract the audience and maintain their attention. Editors may even need to take the extra step just to ensure that their output is worth it. 

That being said, how then should one edit videos for YouTube? Here are some essential tips that every video editor should follow.  

Tips For YouTube Video Editing

Shoot Footage With Editing in Mind

While this may not fall into the post-production part of the video production process, it is still a vital tip to consider. Google Support says that the best time to think about editing the footage is during the writing and brainstorming phase. By thinking about the editing early on, video editors can anticipate the end product and also think about how viewers may respond to the output. 

Factors such as movements, angles, and camera positions can all be taken into consideration. Video editors should also think about how the video starts and ends as well as the key contents that make up the body of the clip. 

For YouTube video projects that are bigger or more major, editors and producers can come up with a list of shots that they must take. Writing things down can help them remember all the clips that they need to shoot. 

Make It a Narrative 

According to Hubspot, audiences prefer videos that have a narrative and storytelling flow. This entails that the clips should have a sequential flow and that it must adhere to storytelling elements such as the beginning, body, and ending. 

The YouTube video must be able to guide the audience through the flow of the story. They must not wonder or be left confused about the relationship between clips. 

Add Thumbnails That Are Engaging

The thumbnail is the first visual element that viewers get to see before actually clicking and opening the YouTube video. Thus, it is important for a video editor to make sure that these thumbnails grab their attention and lead them to click on the clip. 

Thumbnails could be screenshots from contents within the video or titles filled with text. Whatever they may be, these images should generate excitement and make the audience intrigued enough to know more about what the video has to offer. 

Utilize Engaging Elements Throughout the Video

Thumbnails are not the only parts of the video that should be engaging; the video should be filled with engaging elements all throughout. This is a great way to maintain the attention and engagement of the audience. 

These elements may include animations, texts, shapes, images, music, and interesting transitions. It is important, however, for these elements not to be excessively used. Editors should carefully choose elements that add value to the video’s overall content and that complement the entire video. These elements are meant to elevate the video but not steal the spotlight. 

Use the Right Tools

Of course, video editing can only take place with a video editor. With the many available video editing programs out there, editors have many options to choose from. When choosing video editing software or other tools that could help elevate the video, it is important to consider its features, offerings, and price. In most cases, free and basic video editors do not offer features that are on par with paid ones. 

Include a YouTube Introduction

A good YouTube introduction may boost viewer retention. Not to mention, a YouTube introduction maintains the uniformity of the brand across various videos and also helps exude a professional image to the audience. It can also serve as a signature of some sort and be a cue that boosts the channel’s overall credibility. 

While video editors can manually make a YouTube intro on their own, they can also tap a YouTube intro maker to do the job for them. 

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Though they may seem like simple clicks, keyboard shortcuts significantly expedite the editing process. It is important to note, however, that different software may have different shortcuts. Hence, video editors should learn the shortcuts for the particular video editing software that they are using. The most basic keyboard shortcut functions that they must be familiar with include deleting, undo, redo, cut, paste, and save. 

Ensure Color Correction 

If the color of the clips is not corrected, the output may appear lifeless and dull. Color plays a vital role in setting the YouTube video’s overall mood. Editors can utilize a color scheme to evoke emotions or highlight aspects of the video. Of course, this scheme should depend on and align with the overall theme and message of the video. 

Color corrections also maintain the consistency of diverse clips. Another color feature known as color grading refers to making the scenes pop or stand out. Both functions are vital in order to distinguish particular scenes from each other. 

The Bottom Line

Given the prominence and popularity of YouTube, producers, editors, and YouTubers in general cannot afford to take quality for granted. There are many YouTube channels out there that focus on different niches, which means that competition is quite tough.

Hence, when editing YouTube videos, editors should not just focus on merely getting the job done but on making sure that the output is optimal. After all, a video uploaded and shared is meant to be watched. A lot of times, the secret to making a YouTube video worth watching lies in how well it is edited. Thus, don’t just edit YouTube videos; make sure to edit them well. 

David is a technology specialist who has been writing about business, technology, and IT-related topics for the past 6 years. He loves working with brands to develop content that helps them connect with their target audience.