Principles of a Strong Marketing Video: Create Unique

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There are tons of videos online today. Each person can find an interesting video or share own creativity. For those who decided to join the video blogging community, it is extremely important not to get lost in the abundance of the same type of videos. For this, it is recommended to create unique videos and attract viewers with your content.

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The material in this article will be useful for video content creators. Here you will learn about the 6 principles of persuasion for creating a strong video.

Fast Pace for Active People

If you want to find an answer to the question “What makes a good persuasive video?”, pay attention please that the first of the principles of persuasion is connected with speed. When a person can skip an ad, the pace of editing becomes very important. It greatly affects the effectiveness of the video as a whole.

An example is the “The Thing” case, created by Unskippable Labs, which helps analyze user behavior on YouTube. The same video is edited in different ways. There are two versions – slow and fast. The faster version had a 6% higher VTR. So, the speed affects the VTR in the case of real brands.

For example, a creative for (a project management resource) quickly showed how the platform works. The video was not stretched so that people would not miss the advertisement.

Brightness and Contrast

Many car brands, conveying the atmosphere of luxury in the video, try to add mystery to the video design – there is night in the frame, a minimum of light. As a result, nothing is visible on the screen in power-saving mode. As soon as the “Skip” button appears, the user clicks on it. Therefore, it is necessary to choose good lighting and a light background. provides a good example. It is a platform where you can create your website. There is no dark background in the videos. Instead, a bright room and a contrasting foreground are represented. Due to this, the viewer looks only at the speaker and his website. Every detail is visible.

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Focus on Face and Close-ups

Landscape and reciprocal liking videos created for TV do not work on the small screen. People hardly see this beauty, and it is not so interesting to watch.

In all the videos that are now at the top of popularity, there is something in common – a person looks at the camera. This creates a connection with the audience. When a brand speaks directly to people, it is difficult for them to refuse to watch the video.

An example is a video shot for Unilever’s Klondike ice cream. They first created videos for large screens. To increase the effectiveness on YouTube, they showed the characters and the product larger. It was just necessary to change the editing – as a result, and the company received +15% Ad Recall and Brand Interest.

 How Do I Make My Video Unique: Power of Surprise

The surprise effect often comes to the rescue when a user wants to skip a video. It becomes interesting how the story ends. If the user sees something unexpected, he stays. The creative for the insurance company Geico is an example of such a video design with a surprise effect.

Don’t Explain but Entertain

You can explain what the reciprocal liking between the heroes is, what problem the hero has, and how to solve it, or you can talk about it in a fun way and entertain the user. For example, in Purple mattress videos, it is done funnily and unexpectedly. The advantages of the product (elasticity, good quality, long warranty) are described with humor. People want to watch the video to the end and learn more about the mattresses.

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How Do You Convince People to Watch Your Videos: Test, Test, and Test Again

Sometimes it is difficult to decide how the video should end, who will be filmed in it, to what extent it is worth showing the product. There is only one piece of advice – you need to test.

A good example is the Lyft app case. In the first video, the company showed how it works, how good it is, how easy it is to download and use. The video is done well, but if a person already has a convenient application for ordering a taxi, why would he need another one? Realizing this, the company decided to show how convenient it is to use the application and released a video with a duration of 3.5 minutes.

Thus, the second video is more popular on YouTube today because people love unique content. Even those with regional content restrictions find a way to open the video. They download VPN for windows for free.  

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