3 Ways Technology Adversely Affects Relationships And Attraction

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Though technology has been primarily beneficial worldwide, it, unfortunately, has also has had some negative effects on human health. The past few decades have seen an increase in loneliness, isolation, and depression and a decrease in sexual activity. Much of this can be linked to the rise of technology and our preference to look at our screens over real-life people. 

Therefore, technology has adverse effects on relationships and even our attraction to other people. Read on to explore these effects so that you know how technology is affecting your love life. 

Social Media

Social media can create an illusion that everyone should look just like celebrities and models. Though we all know the pictures they post are often highly edited, we still get tricked into believing the perfect bodies on these models and celebrities are real. 

This encourages people to create impossible standards not only for themselves but for their partners. Many people resort to drastic measures to perfect their bodies and may feel ugly and unattractive for not meeting these standards. As a result, they may experience low self-esteem, depression, body dysmorphic disorder, or other conditions. These conditions may encourage them to isolate and prevent them from starting relationships until they have the “perfect” body. 

Furthermore, some people project their insecurities and beliefs about perfect bodies onto their partners. This can easily cause a rift in the relationship or turn it into an emotionally abusive one. Partners can experience various mental health conditions for not meeting their partner’s unrealistic standards. 

Finally, obsessing over models and celebrities may make it difficult for someone to be attracted to normal people. They can easily find themselves in a social media bubble where they believe everyone should look like these celebrities. This can make it incredibly difficult to develop and maintain relationships. 

Technology Addiction

Overall technology addiction can also significantly affect relationships. The overdependence on screens to watch movies, play video games, socialize, and entertain ourselves in other ways prevents us from enjoying real-life activities with others. We become obsessed with the screens and fantasies in front of us instead of enjoying real life. 

This dependency on technology is a form of escapism. Online, we can explore any world, learn any fact, or lose ourselves in any story. We can surround ourselves with people just like us and find pictures of people who are the epitome of attractiveness. The real world loses all charm with such an obsession. How can real-life people compete with fantasies of perfection? 

Final Thoughts

The good news is that you can easily balance a healthy relationship with moderate technology use. By setting boundaries with technology and being mindful of your usage, you can enjoy all of its benefits without hurting your relationship. If you believe technology is affecting your life negatively, then discuss the issue with a therapist for guidance. For further reading on how to improve your relationships and attraction to others, you will find more resources at the link below: 


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