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Effortlessly Track Your Belongings With A Small GPS Tracker

No matter what you do, sometimes things just get lost! It doesn’t matter how careful you are or even if you have a great memory, sometimes your belongings get left behind one way or another, or they could be stolen.

This is where having a small GPS tracker can come in handy! These devices allow you to track all kinds of different objects you own, with a beneficial guarantee to be long-lasting. 

What Can I Attach A Small GPS Tracker To?

You can attach a small GPS tracker to many things, although they’re more suited for personal belongings or vehicles than anything else, as they are better designed.

Track Your Belongings
Track Your Belongings

Because of the small GPS tracker’s size, you can put it on practically anything. Say, you love getting on your bike to get around town- it might be a hobby or a form of exercise. Now we all know vehicle theft is ever rampant, and bikes are not safe from it. 

In this instance, the size of this small GPS tracker would work best for you as you can attach it to your bicycle without it being too bulky or an eyesore. 

Don’t even get us started on traveling with pieces of luggage. We all hear about airport horror stories wherein your luggage gets rerouted or lost in transit, and that is something you would want to avoid at all costs. 

Having a small GPS tracker in your luggage and bags can minimize this anxiety, and you can be sure you will find your belongings, even if it doesn’t make it to the other airport or luggage drop off as planned. 

Vehicles like cars, vans, and utes are other objects you can attach to a small GPS tracker and often can connect through hard-wiring cables, USB car lighter chargers, and the like.

How Much Does A Small GPS Tracker Cost?

The cost can change from one manufacturer to another depending on where you purchase the small GPS tracker

Factors such as the overall size of it and what you’re using it for can affect the cost of how much you will have to pay for a little bit more security. 

Generally, these types of trackers are high quality and worthwhile to purchase. Their cost range is around £80 to £90. Additionally, they often come with subscriptions to add services when tracking your objects.

These subscription services generally cost £7 a month, or £80 for 12 months, which is an incredible deal, and come with additions like zone alarms, tampering alerts, route history, a mobile app that’s both free to download and use, as well as so much more.

What Features Does A Small GPS Tracker Have?

Believe it or not, small GPS trackers often come with a lot more features than you’d initially think. It’s not just tracking that they can provide for you when placing on an object, but much more.

Zone Alarms

Zone alarms, also known as geo-fences, are basically virtual boundaries you can create within the app for the small GPS tracker. You will get a notification if the object you’re tracking leaves the drawn zone at any point in time.

Route History

Route history allows you to view recordings of where your personal belongings or vehicle has been, with the option to replay exact movements.

Movement Alerts

Any time your object or vehicle moves, you will be able to get an alert for it instantaneously. These alerts are connected through your push notifications on your electronic device.

Tow Alarm

A really handy one that many people like is the tow alarm, where you’re sent an alert if your vehicle is being towed. This works if the vehicle is moving and the ignition or your vehicle is turned off. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re going on holiday and have luggage, traveling somewhere, or simply a forgetful goose, you know how stressful it is when you’ve lost something. 

Small GPS trackers allow you to be at ease and are incredibly worth the purchase when it comes to finding your belongings. It’s the perfect added security because, as they say- you can never be too careful. 

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