7 Overlooked UX Tests

UX testing can be one of the most vital components of a product, service, or business. Usability testing, or UX testing, is crucial for companies to avoid recalls or regression testing, but what is regression testing?

Regression testing means a company has to bring its product or services to a previous model to prevent widespread bugs or potential harm. Usability testing is crucial to understanding how a product or service is interpreted and understood by its target audience.

Read on to learn which usability tests can help boost your product’s impression but remain overlooked.

Lab testing

Lab testing may not happen in many industries, especially those that don’t involve science or technology. Testing a product or service in a lab will enable testers to critically examine every facet of the process to assess bugs, ease of access, and usability.

Interview and observation

Interviewing those who have had access to a product or service and observing how they behave with it can be eye-opening for companies to see how their offerings might fair on the market. For example, knowing the first things a user might tap on in a gaming app can help a company understand what material to use for marketing.

Card sorting

Card sorting can be a perfect usability test to help marketers understand audience logic and thought. This logic can help testers figure out how best to proceed and adapt to these thoughts and opinions.

Card sorting is simple and easy to implement, making many testers overlook the method.

First impression testing

Testing for the first impression an audience member might have when interacting with a product or service can show a company where to place its best marketing material. First impression testing may mean taking note of someone’s first click on a webpage, the first tap on an app, or the first thought when receiving a service.

Guerilla testing

Guerilla testing requires testers to get out in public and interact with strangers to get feedback on a product. This testing will likely mean asking busy people to pause and take time out of their day to participate in testing, which may be hard to accomplish.

The advantages of guerilla testing include its versatility. It may be done anywhere and offers immediate feedback.

Verbal discussion

A remote conversation over the phone or via text can offer insight into testing that may have otherwise been hard to receive. However, cold-calling or reaching out unannounced can harm the person being tested, which can have testers forgoing this test.


Recording a testing session may go overlooked because some subjects may not want to be recorded. However, looking back at a recorded testing session can be the perfect way to get additional insight into marketing material that you could have missed at the moment. This type of testing can be especially beneficial for software services that don’t rely on a physical product.

Final thoughts

Usability testing is vital for many companies selling products or services to understand how their target audience receives their product or service. Some usability tests can be simple and effective without needing many tools, time, or much fuss.

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