Top 5 Hidden Tracking Apps for Android

It is hard to imagine a more awkward situation than when your loved one comes to you asking, – “What is that, honey?”. And you start sweating as you see the icon of the Android tracking app you installed on their phone a month ago. There is a solution for such cases – tracking apps for Android phones that are hidden!

What Are Hidden Tracking Apps?

We are not sure what meaning of the word “hidden” might be unknown to you. In this case, it clearly means “something not easy to find”, as the Cambridge dictionary states. Such programs are employed on gadgets for various reasons – to take care of close ones, spy on them to dispel or confirm some doubts, prevent falling for the bait of scammers, etc.

Talking about Android phones, a hidden app is one installed on the device but yet not visible to the user. They have no idea that they are being tracked. Most often, it is achieved by hiding the app’s icon. 

Android Hidden Tracking Apps – a Principle of Work

Android tracking apps are not newbies to the market. People started thinking about how to track the messages and calls on their cell phones, probably on the same day the latter started appearing in the households. And these technologies have only been improving since then.

The main idea of hidden tracking apps on Android is that after installation, they record the phone calls and messages and send them to the “client”. They might be compared to the screen recorder app. The only difference is that hidden trackers work in the background, silent and unseen, hidden in the darkness of phone memory. 

Top 5 Hidden Trackers One Can Install on Android Gadget

There is no difference between tablets and phones operating on Android. Well, there is one: tablets can only be tracked when connected to the internet. But according to statistics, 97% of Americans own a cell phone, and only 53% – have a tablet, so who cares? Phones are more widespread and compact. Here are the Android hidden tracing apps we recommend you try!


uMobix Review

uMobix is the best tracking app for Android, as it offers a whole arsenal of useful features, including:

  • messages and call tracking;
  • data access;
  • location tracking.

When installing uMobix on the target device, you will be offered to keep or hide the icon from the menu. Basically, that’s it, that’s how you hide. A tech-savvy geek will easily find this app anyway, but hey, let’s be honest, most users often have no idea what is going on with their phones!

It is completely legal to install uMobix on the devices you own or if you informed the owner. In all other cases, the target can easily sue you, so be careful and responsible.


SpyStealth - Best Cell Phone Tracker App for Android & iOS Devices

It is one of the best Android hidden tracking apps, as it leaves very little evidence. Its downside is that the phone must be rooted in order to install SpyStealth, and not everyone knows how to do this. However, an instruction can be easily found on the internet.

To those who manage to root the gadget, the app offers:

  • e-mail, SMS, and call tracking;
  • location tracking;
  • social network tracking.

It does not make much time to install this program, and the registration process is simple and free. However, if you want to use all the features – be ready to come down with your money.


10 Best and Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps to Track Phones (2022)

This Android tracking app positions itself as a spy app, focusing on revealing the cheating. Among other standard features, there are:

  • detection of hidden data;
  • spying on all possible social networks and chats;
  • calls and messages blocks.

Same as with uMobix, you will be offered to hide the application icon from the menu if you wish to stay hidden. It is also impossible to install the app remotely on Android, you need to get the phone in your hands and unlock it. On the other hand, the result is stomping.

Thus, if you feel your spouse behaves weirdly – install SpyBubble instead of hiring a private detective!


mSpy Reviews | Cell Phone Tracker App | SpyAdviser

This tracking program is considered the top 1 in many European countries. Talking about Android tracking apps, mSpy offers the standard package of features and a bit more:

  • it tracks every single tap on the smartphone screen;
  • tracks all the messages, including deleted ones;
  • tracks the search requests.

mSpy is one of the best hidden tracking apps for Android as it works in hidden mode. The person you spy on will not even suggest that they are being tracked.

It is not free; however, it is ridiculous to expect a good product to be completely free. Believe us, mSpy is worth every single penny, every single cent spent for it.


SPYERA™ | The best mobile and computer monitoring software

Of all the Android hidden tracking apps, only Spyera directly states that antiviruses and other protection software cannot track it. What is more:

  • it tracks communication on all messengers and social networks;
  • it can remotely be deactivated in case of a force major;
  • it can track notes and files downloaded to the device.

Talking about hidden tracking apps for Android, this is the only one that can be installed not only on mobile devices but also on Mac and Windows personal computers. Thus, even if your target sits at their computer or laptop, you will still be informed about all their actions.

Short Guide on Hidden Tracking Apps on Android

Unfortunately, trackers cannot be installed on Android devices remotely. In all cases, you need to get the phone in your hands and be able to unlock it. It is supported by the legal statement: you can only install the trackers on the devices you own or have the owner’s permission.

It is also important not to forget to hide the application icon during the installation. Otherwise, the tracker would not be hidden at all. The programs usually remind you about this, but still, you need to keep this point in mind.

How to Use Hidden Android Tracking Apps Legally?

We have already mentioned above that you can only install the trackers on your own devices or have the owner’s permission. First, the owner can sue you in case they find out they are being tracked without permission. Secondly, this information will not be legal in court if you bring it as evidence.

Android tracking apps may not and must not be installed on any devices you do not own; they may not be used to spy on someone without their permission; they may not be used to spy on random people.


Among 2 billion users of Android devices, there are many those who would like to flip through someone’s online and offline activity without rousing suspicions. Hence, hidden Android tracking apps may come at hand, if need be, to quench your interest. However, they must be used responsibly, and all the legal twists and turns should be considered. There are dozens of useful features that may help if you install such an app on the target phone.

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