7 Best Browser Games That Work in 2021

Let’s take a stroll back in time, it’s early 2000. Windows XP is the newest sensation in the market but you don’t love using Windows XP because of its GUI and its new and improved features. Instead, what you love is a collection of some of the most memorable games you have ever played to this very moment.

With the advancement of technology, games like Solitaire, Pinball, and Snake Adventure have become obsolete in today’s modern world. But hey, don’t worry if you can’t find these game setups that are compatible with your new and high-end PC. We respect the old-school jolly still inside of you. And that’s why we have picked the 7 best browser games that you can still enjoy regardless of the kind of PC you have. 

1. FreeCell

At number one, in 7 best Browser Games, we have the Windows’ signature built-in game that all of us must have played at least once in our lifetime. FreeCell solitaire is a game of immense brain skills rather than dumb luck. So, how does the game work? It’s pretty easy and fun to play the game.

We will have a deck of 52 cards. Just like any other traditional deck of cards. The cards are distributed in the form of 8 piles with all the cards facing up. Now our goal is to arrange the cards in the foundation following an ascending order i.e., King, Queen, Jack, 10….). Moreover, the game has become super popular as a browser game in the recent few years.

2. BrowserQuest

Second, in the list of the 7 best Browser Games is BrowserQuest. Fan of old-school adventure games? Great! Then BrowserQuest will be the perfect browser game for you which has millions of online players around the globe. So yeah, it almost gives you a complete open-world game vibe.

While playing BrowserQuest, you’re playing as a young and enthusiastic wizard from a digital world where stuff like wizards, dragons, giants, etc. still roam among people. On a quest to follow your adventure map, don’t forget to make new friends from around the globe. The game also allows you to get engaged in challenging duos and quests which will eventually get harder and harder as the game proceeds. What about game graphics and treasures? Well, we have tried the game ourselves and there’s one thing for sure, the game is very much generous in this regard.

3. Solitaire

Solitaire is an online card game that is very famous with Android and Window Users. The game has been around for quite some time and has garnered amazing reviews.

It is a game that can leisurely be enjoyed by individuals or groups. Next time you plan a day out with your cousin make sure you enjoy Solitaire Online.

4. NoBrakes.io

As you can already tell from the name of the game itself, NoBrakes.io is a browser-based racing game that is a bit different from the traditional car racing games. Instead of a traditional figured four-wheeler, we get multiple emoticons options to choose from with all sorts of funky and eye-catching designs.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You have got to race with another player which can either be a bot or a multiplayer to the finish line at each line. The key to success in this game is to pass through various boosters along the track which will boost you further near the finishing. But beware of the sudden blockers as well. Enjoy the game because it is definitely included in the list of the 7 best browser games.

4. Pokémon Showdown

Ah, how can we ever get out of the Pokémon fever at any point in the future or even the present? This game is probably one of the most engaging multiplayer games across the globe in the list of the 7 best browser games. 

The rules are simple, as an expert Pokémon Trainer, you collect these amazing Pokémon with some amazing abilities. You train them and battle with other Pokémon trainers across the globe to compete for the ultimate title of ‘Champion Pokémon Trainer’. But do consider your Pokémon’s power levels during battles, it can prove to be a crucial game-changing trick.

5. Geoguessr

Yeah, you guessed it right. Geoguessr is more of a geographical fun quiz game that comes with real-life simulations. The game hosts millions of users from across the globe and has led to some exciting real-life geographical discoveries as well.

So, how does the game work? Geoguessr allows you to take remote trips across the Earth. Then you’re left at a completely unknown place and are instructed to tell the exact location by exploring the surroundings and various hints hidden in the game. The game is extremely fun but can be super challenging as well during certain levels.

6. Frogger Classic

Who can forget the old little froggy that must cross the road by passing through a series of difficult hurdles? Well, Frogger Classic is a 1981 game that is still being considered as one of the widely played games across the globe.

As the name implies, in the game you’re a cute little green frog who must get to the other side of the road. But here’s the twist, the road isn’t empty at all. Instead, it’s full of cars, trucks, wagons, roaring down with a pond alongside the road full of turtles and snakes that can surely harm our little froggy. You have all the reasons to fall in love with this game out of the 7 best browser games.

7. Slither.io

Most of us can’t explain the nostalgia by merely checking out the cover of slither.io! We all do remember the ‘invincible Nokia’, yeah, the 3310. The snake game of the Nokia 3310 is probably the most played and commonly recognizable game across the world.

Well, Slither.io may have better and improved graphics than the old-school snake game but the method of playing the game is still the same. We still get a snake that increases in size as we keep on eating targets placed at various locations. 

But beware of any obstacles or the snake’s size itself because any collision with these two will result in an instant game over!

Well, we hope that this article has brought back some sweet old memories. And we also know that most of you couldn’t even believe that there’s still a way of playing our favorite games once again. Well, that’s the wonder of the internet.

Ready to play your favorite browser games? Check out our official site here! Don’t worry about the charges, it’s free with millions of players from across the globe already playing some of the 7 best browser games you can access today. Happy Gaming!

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