PUBG Guide: Tips and Tricks For Battlegrounds Wins

Players’ Unknown Battleground is usually hot from when a player leaves the plane until the end of a round. PUBG is a Battle Royale game that requires speed, alertness, tactical knowledge, and strategy. If you don’t have any of these abilities, you may die too early in the game. Also, you need to equip yourself with PUBG hacks and cheats to make the game a bit playable. 

So, in this article, we will share some of the tips and tricks that pro players use to survive in deadly battles. Remember, you must loot right, avoid or fight enemies to survive, and ensure that the closing circle doesn’t swallow you. 

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PUBG Tips and Tricks for Wins

1. Strategize your looting spots

Even though you need strategies in PUBG, it can’t take the place of good gears to equip your character better. Since you must loot in the game to grab some great weapons, don’t do it carelessly. Make sure you target those areas or spots that are likely to yield valuable items. 

For instance, pro players recommend spots such as stores, warehouses, government buildings, military bases, or industrial structures. Some of these locations will yield more valuable results than when you go to places that contain garbage. 

2. Don’t engage enemies unnecessarily. 

We don’t encourage you to hide in one spot and wait for every other player to die. But you have to choose your fights carefully.  Even if you’re under fire, run away if you can’t kill the enemy. You don’t have to compromise yourself just to get one enemy shooting at you. Remember, when you fire your weapon, you’ve automatically revealed your position to other players. So, instead of doing that, run away and at least live longer.

3. Grab Important gears fast

If you want to win PUBG, there are certain items you can’t do without when the game starts. The first one is an assault rifle (ARs). This weapon is versatile and suits every situation you might face in the game. Another essential item is the helmet. Getting a higher-level helmet is too good to ignore. This item will protect your head against deadly headshots that will kill you instantly. Other items to grab are the healing items and bulletproof vest. These two will help you stay alive longer when you’re wounded and help you dodge some bullets. 

4. Used Vehicles with Caution

Don’t avoid vehicles entirely in the game. You can cover a longer distance in a short time with one. But the only downside is the noise. Once you drive a vehicle, other players will hear the sound and come rushing, especially the trigger-happy freaks. So, if you are prepared to face the attacks, use the vehicles when you must and dump them when they’re not necessary. 

5. Strategize Bridges 

Bridges can work for or against you in PUBG. If you’re interested in killing some enemies, you can hide by the sides and wait for players running towards the safe zone. But if you’re part of the players trying to cross the bridge, other blood-thirsty enemies can kill you too. So, if you must cross a bridge when running from the closing circle, try using a boat instead. If you can make it to that place earlier, you can also swim across and avoid the tempting but deadly bridge. 

6. Never stand still in PUBG.

If you don’t want to be an easy target, never standstill. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, like looting for items or camping. Always make sure you’re not steady to avoid dying unceremoniously. An enemy that sees you standing still can fire a headshot and send you to the afterlife. So, try moving all the time; you can stand, crouch or wiggle. 

7. Team play can be great.

Playing PUBG with your friends can increase your chances of winning the game. You can team up with other great players and form a squad of four players. That way, you can strategize better, merge your skills, and even share resources. Another important thing is that when one of you goes down, the others can revive him and continue the game. So, don’t jump down alone to face the terrifying enemies. You can form a formidable force with your friends and storm the battleground. 


If you love the action game genre, PUBG is exactly the game for you. But your excitement is not enough to win the game. You must grab the best items, gears, weapons, healing items, and then get some cheats and hacks to win. 

So, from the start, make sure you’re looking at the right spots, choose the right time to fight, and try to equip yourself. If you must use a vehicle, do so with caution or avoid it. Only go near the bridge when you want to kill others and not when they can kill you. Learn to swim or use a boat instead of dying. 


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