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5 of the Best Apps for Helping You to Overcome Workplace Anguish

We have all been there-you’re having a bad day at work that just keeps on getting worse, causing you some troublesome workplace anguish. Maybe you close your eyes and count to ten or focus on your breathing? Sometimes, you need a little help when it comes to trying to overcome your stress.

Whether your anguish is because of an ongoing problem, a daily battle with mental health challenges, or just an occasional occurrence, there are many apps out there that can help. Our mental health must always take priority, and these are 5 of the best ways that you can look after your mental health in the workplace.

Google Calendar

This may seem like it doesn’t fit, but a lot of workplace stress can come from being unorganised or something going wrong. Google Calendar will sync with your Google account, your Gmail work email address, your laptop calendar, and even your phone calendar. This makes it much easier to plan out your day across all devices. The added bonus is that you can get fully synchronized calendars that can be shared with your colleagues, and you can get notifications and reminders wherever you are. You will never miss a meeting again!


LifeWorks is a wellbeing program app that uses gamification to motivate its users. You can connect to wearable technology and track your nutrition, weight management, mental wellbeing, activity-based challenges, financial wellbeing, and healthy habits. Employers use progress-based incentives to reward employees when they make progress towards their health goals, and making consistent behavioral changes can implement this wellbeing program.


Headspace is an app that leads you to meditation and mindfulness. They have many exercises and meditations to help you fall asleep and help you destress. They even have some shorter meditations that you can do if you are short on time. 

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This app is great if you want a bit of home comfort to calm you down whilst you’re at work. Audible is a collection of audiobooks and scripted audio shows which you can listen to through your Amazon account. Sometimes you just need to listen to Harry Potter and have a cup of tea to make you feel okay again!

NHS Stress & Anxiety Companion 

An app that has been developed by the NHS, the Stress & Anxiety Companion uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in a format that allows you to use it on-the-go. This app can help you with breathing exercises, music, games, and it can allow you to identify any triggers. 

We all have smartphones nowadays, so these apps can be perfect for when you need something to give you a helping hand when you are at work. Apps like these can help you find what is triggering your stress, organize yourself, calm yourself down, and track all of your actions so that you can implement positive changes. Mental health always takes priority, so make sure to look after yourself and try whatever you can to overcome workplace anguish. 

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