The Best 3 Free DVD Ripper Software

Right now, one tool that has played an ultimate role in this digitization is DVD ripping software. With the free DVD ripper, you can easily back up your movie collection and then save it digitally for convenient and easy flooding around your home.

Fine, ripping a DVD appears to be a tiresome job, but with the best DVD ripper, you can get the ripping jobs done with comfort. Normally, obtaining a free ripping tool is fairly cumbersome and also determining that the selected software is legit; because there is some software that comes with ads or malicious software now.

Apart from that, using DVD ripper software while ripping your DVD is always best to obtain the work done as easily and fast as possible.

Top 3 Free DVD Rippers for Windows Reviews

Now, the DVD ripping tools come with plenty of customization tools, an intuitive interface, and conversion options. Below are the top 3 free DVD ripper software for Windows PC that includes:


The Handbrake DVD ripper is free software that greatly works as a DVD and video transcoder and also an open-source application too. It usually comes with amazing features such as the ability to translate to and from multiple formats and also rips DVDs are noticeable ones. Some of its great features are including:

  • The software is relatively strong on DVD & video converting and video compressing.
  • This tool is good for batch processing that makes it quicker
  • It is compatible with video formats such as MKV and MP4 only
  • It can process the well-known multimedia files and also Blu-ray or DVD sources that do not even have any type of copy-protection

Overall, the handbrake is one of the excellent free DVD rippers for windows, as it is very simple, easy, and also the quickest way to obtain the best quality conversions.


  • Includes ready-made preset
  • Can queue up various conversions
  • Rips DVDs and converts video files


  • Cannot handle discs with DRM


MakeMKV is a one-stop solution either you need to convert a video or want to rip Blu Ray or DVD discs. This tool is freeware and also works as a transcoder. This tool is actually compatible with Linux, Mac OS X, and windows as well. As software, it converts the video to MKV that builds it simple to play on your most favorite video player, and also you can easily convert it to any other formats more easily. The great features of MakeMKV are including:

  • It converts with high speed and it also serves the purpose of convertor and decryptor as well.
  • It can read the Blu-ray discs and DVD with AACS and BD+ with ease.
  • It can even keep your video and audio tracks including HD audio safe.


  • Works efficiently with DVD and Blu-ray discs.
  • Ultimately simple to use.
  • Very quick DVD ripping tool.


  • Only supported MKV output file formats
  • The converted file size is big

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Format factory

The format factory is an ad-supported freeware multimedia converter that supported with over 60 languages, which could convert picture, audio, and video files. Also, it is capable of ripping the CDs and DVDs to other file formats and also making .cso and .iso files. But still, DVD copy protection removal is not supported. The latest version of the format factory is 2.95, so you can easily download it if you really like this DVD ripping tool. The stunning features of the format factory are including:

  • Support iPod and iPhone multimedia file formats
  • Supports 60 languages
  • Minimizing multimedia file size
  • Repair damaged audio and video file
  • Picture converting supports tags, zoom, rotate/ flip
  • Support converting all famous audio, video, and picture formats to others


  • This tool has a clean and simple user interface
  • It is a freeware program
  • Supports a vast array of media files
  • Mux, audio joiner, and video joiner features come as a bonus


  • This app is only for windows
  • The context menu options appear to have compatibility problems


Thus, you have a handful of options for your windows. Each tool comes with excellent features and also offers an awesome quality of output. At present, you can pick the one that would suit your window needs. These are the top 3 best free DVD ripper software for windows. In each of the tool, it is more efficient that can make any ripping project a successful one.

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