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A Step-by-step Guide to Merge PDF Files for Beginner

Many online tools allow you to merge pdf without asking you to execute any complex commands. Still, if your primary concern is to go for something that gives you high-quality performance, you will not find anything better than the one tool we will introduce you here. 

We have done some extensive research for the sake of your convenience, so you don’t have to look around in search of the right tool. Read this article till the end to find out what we have for you to look forward to. We hope that by the end of this information, you will find all the answers to your questions. 

CocoDoc, The Best Merge PDF

There are many options for choosing an application that allows you to combine PDF files, but if your primary concern is to go for something that lets you select a trusted choice, you will not find anything better than CocoDoc. 

Worldwide some unlimited users are currently using this app because of its advanced features. You can go for any other application, but the ease that comes along with this tool can’t be found anywhere else with such unique features and safety. 

Below are some primary features that we associate with CocoDoc and that you should know about. Have a look and decide whether this is the tool that you need? 

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Ease of Usage

The application is easy to utilize. The commands are simple and can be comprehended and executed by everyone. There is no need to follow any complex instructions to sue the app as it works without complexities. 


CocoDoc is a highly encrypted application that lets you use the app with 100% safety. You don’t have to be worried about safety as all the work will be done with 100% security. You can make the most out of this tool without fear of a privacy breach as the application functions without any issue.

Multiple Formats

This application gives you to use multiple formats during documentation. You can use any of these features according to your business needs and change or convert the format the way you need to.

Free Trial

All the users who are having second thoughts about the application and its functions can go for CocoDoc. It offers users a one-week free trial to properly know about the features and parts of the application. 

You can use this free version without paying anything on the app. Remember that you are supposed to enjoy limited features in the free version, so to go for complete access, you need to pay a small amount. 

Electronic Signatures

With CocoDoc, you can now make e-signatures and put your physical effort at ease as there is no need to do the signature work physically. You can stay where you are and share the file via electronic processing. All the parties will check the file and create their signs before sharing it with the other party members in line. 

The electronic signature also helps you in finishing your business deals within a couple of minutes. You can stay where you are and make the most out of this feature without spending any amount on it and save your energy as well. Within a couple of minutes, you can finalize your business projects.

OCR Technology

This feature is the primary assistance offered for automated data extraction from written or printed texts. This lets the user create and scan PDF files without any issues and making any errors. Users can scan the images or any other file and change it into a machine-readable form.


CocoDoc offers multiple templates that let you use them according to the requirements of your business. There is no need to look for the templates anywhere else, as n the official website of this tool, and you will find a massive variety of templates that can be accessed. 

Document Collaboration

CocoDoc allows you to amplify the workflows by creating a collaborative document. Here all the stakeholders can gain access to a form in an arranged manner. This means that all the parties interlinked with the documentation process will be there to complete, sign, and share it with the next person in the chain to verify and move it forward to the next person in line. 

Quick Editing

With CocoDoc, you can use various tools that help you in the process of editing PDF documents. You can also add, remove pages, graphics, words, sentences, or even signatures from a document whenever it is required.


CocoDoc saves your time as all the work will be done via electronic processing. There is no need to remain physically present in a particular place to do the work as all the work will be done remotely. You can stay where you are and pass the files through an online procedure. 


This tool is environment-friendly, so if you want to go green, CocoDoc is the best option. As you can reduce the amount of paper by going for the online documentation process, that’s the main thing that will make a huge difference. Limiting paper usage, you are proving yourself as a responsible citizen and helping the mother earth.


CocoDoc is reasonable to choose because it doesn’t ask you to pay anything for the services initially, but after that particular period you need to spend some amount, still you can save yourself from all the hectic and costly day-to-day usage of paper, and enhance the quality of your work.

Using CocoDoc to Merge PDF Files

  • At the start, upload the files you need to combine on CocoDoc’s PDF Combiner page.
  • Now combine them with the PDF merger utility from where you can make arrangements in the preview pane.
  • In the end, download, save, and share the document from your CocoDoc account.
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If you need a reliable solution to merge PDF files, there is no other solution than CocoDoc. We can assure you that you will not find anything better than this tool with such amazing features. Go for it and share your feedback with us. We are looking forward to it. 

Abdullah is an IT enthusiast and a writer who writes about business and technology. He is working in this field for a couple of years. Abdullah has extraordinary knowledge in his field so if you are a new entrepreneur, you can follow these techniques to grow your business.